No Ordinary Adventure

From Windy City to Island Bliss: Mike Carroll on Art, Adventure, and Aloha Spirit

September 22, 2023 No Ordinary Adventure by UnCruise Adventures
No Ordinary Adventure
From Windy City to Island Bliss: Mike Carroll on Art, Adventure, and Aloha Spirit
Show Notes

In this vibrant episode of "No Ordinary Adventure," we drift away to the picturesque island of Lana'i with renowned artist Mike Carroll. From Chicago's bustling streets to Hawaii's serene landscapes, Mike shares his journey of art, discovery, and embracing the way of the Hawaiian people. Dive into the tales of his journey living and building in the islands and meeting people to collaborate with like, Dan Blanchard, CEO of UnCruise Adventures.  Talk inspiration, making your own way, and how to support the return of travel and rebuild to the town of Lahaina and Maui after the recent fires on the island. Listen in on the allure of the Hawaiian culture, and the essence of community support post-fires. A symphony of painting, passion, and purpose are all discussed in this episode.
Key Highlights:

  1. Mike's Transition from Chicago to Lana'i: How the allure of the Hawaiian Islands inspired a life-changing move.
  2. Artistry Amidst Nature: The intertwining relationship between Mike's paintings and Hawaii's enchanting beauty.
  3. The Heart of Hawaiian Culture: Understanding and respecting the way of the Hawaiian people and their unwavering spirit of community.
  4. Collaboration with UnCruise Adventures: Mike sheds light on his work and meeting UnCruise CEO, more adventure stories.
  5. Rekindling Hawaii Post-Fires: The role of art, adventure, and community in supporting the islands' return to travel after recent devastation.
  6. Mike Carroll Gallery Spotlight: A glimpse into the gallery that showcases the essence of Hawaii through colors and canvases. See the visuals on the UnCruise Adventures, YouTube Channel. 
  7. Future Endeavors: What's next for Mike, his art, and his adventures in the Hawaiian archipelago.

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