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The Heartbeat of Nature: A Deep Dive with Amy Gulick

August 15, 2023 No Ordinary Adventure by UnCruise Adventures
No Ordinary Adventure
The Heartbeat of Nature: A Deep Dive with Amy Gulick
Show Notes

Join us for a journey into the wild as we sit down with renowned American nature and wildlife photographer, Amy Gulick. A founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, Gulick’s award-winning images have graced the pages of some of the most respected environmental publications like National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, and the Sierra Club, among others.

In this episode, we journey back to 2001, as Amy details her three-week photography expedition to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – a monumental effort that secured her the coveted Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award the following year. Gulick also reflects on the prestigious accolades she's garnered throughout her illustrious career, including the Daniel Houseberg Wilderness Image Award and the Phillip Hyde grant.

Intrigued by the unique symbiotic relationship between the people of Alaska and the wild salmon, Amy embarked on a journey that became the foundation of her new book, "The Salmon Way: An Alaska State of Mind." Venturing into the Alaskan frontier, she delves deep into the web of human relationships revolving around these majestic fish. From working alongside commercial fishermen and learning the rhythms of the sea to immersing herself in Alaska Native traditions of fish preservation and cultural heritage, she sought to capture the essence of a state of mind unique to this region. Sport fishing guides expanded her horizons, teaching her not just the art of the catch but also the philosophy inherent in their way of life. Everywhere she turned, Amy encountered the generosity of the Alaskan spirit, where people from all walks of life shared their salmon-rich lives in kitchens, cabins, and remote fish camps. This is the "salmon way," a testament to the indomitable spirit of Alaska and its people.

Her book, "Salmon in the Trees: Life in Alaska's Tongass Rainforest" is also an intimate portrayal of one of Earth's rarest ecosystems, the book takes readers on a vivid exploration of the symbiotic relationship between salmon and the towering trees of the Tongass rainforest. With bears, misty islands, salmon streams, and native cultures as its backbone, the book is a testament to the delicate balance of nature and the looming threats posed by global demands.

Gulick shares behind-the-scenes anecdotes, from encounters with native communities to the awe-inspiring sight of humpback whales cruising the forested shorelines.

Tune in to discover the beauty, challenges, and stories she has.

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